VersaProbe 4 XPS Scanning Microprobe

The VersaProbe 4 is a flexible, multi-technique scanning XPS microprobe for large area and micro area spectroscopy, chemical imaging and depth profiling. The stand-out characteristic is its scanning X-ray source, which delivers excellent large area and superior micro-area spectroscopy performance. The VersaProbe 4 is suitable for a wide variety of applications and provides you quantitative elemental and chemical state data.

ICON-key-features-greyKey Features and Benefits

♦   Micro-Focused Scanning X-ray Source

♦   Multi-Technique Test Chamber

♦   Inorganic & Organic Thin Film Analysis


♦   XPS Profiling of Organic PV Films

♦   20 Kv C60 Depth Profiling of Polystyrene

♦   Chemical Imaging with PHI XPS Microprobes

About Physical Electronics

Since 1969, Physical Electronics (PHI) has been providing UHV surface analysis instrumentation, which is used for research and development of advanced materials. What started with a sole focus on Auger surface analysis instruments, later expanded to technologies like XPS and TOF-SIMS to address a growing range of applications.

Why Physical Electronics?

♦   Unique tools

♦   Helps enabling next generation technologies

♦   More than decades of experience

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