Sample Preparation - ST Instruments
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Sample Preparation

Sample Preparation

Sample Preparation

To acquire the best possible images from your (electron) microscope it is of the outmost importance that a careful and precise sample preparation has been performed.


A variety of methods, depending on the type of samples,  can be combined to optimize the quality of the images you can acquire from your (electron) microscope. It is vital to select a preparation method suitable for an image’s intended use.


ST Instruments offers a comprehensive range of products for the preparation of medical, biological and industrial samples.

Ion Milling

for both flat- and cross-section milling

Hitachi High-Tech

♦   Key player in the market of ion milling

♦   Creative, leading-edge technology


for cutting specimens into ultra-thin sections 


RMC Boeckeler, Inc

♦   Robust, precise & fully upgradeable ultra-microtomes

♦   Options for cryo-ultramicrotomy & automated tape collecting

Sample Cleaning

for gentle removal of hydrocarbon contamination 



Hitachi High-Tech

♦   Key player in the market of ion milling

♦   Creative, leading-edge technology


for fast & accurate sectioning


♦   MT990 | Rotary Microtome

♦   MT990 with CR1000 | Adding Cryosectioning

♦   MR3 series 300 | Motorized Rotary Microtome

♦   MR2 series 200 | Manual Rotary Microtome

Workflow Instruments

EM Staining, Freeze Substitution Systems, Glass Knife Maker


♦   QG3100 | Automated EM Stainer

♦   FS8500 | Freeze Substitution System

♦   GKM2 | Glass Knife Maker

Soft Etching and Thermal Processing


soft plasma etching


♦    nanoETCH | Dedicated soft-etching instruments

♦    ANNEAL | Thermal treatment of 2D materials