The nanoETCH is a system for 2D materials research. It is optimized for providing the fine control required for substrate and device preparation in graphene and 2D materials research. For substrates, it allows for production of optimal microscopic topography and chemistry that is needed for producing large monolayer crystal flake sizes by mechanical exfoliation. For devices, unparalleled fine plasma control enables patterned etching in a gentle manner that does not affect other crucial structures that are present.

ICON-key-features-greyKey Features and Benefits

♦   2D materials ‘soft-etching’

♦   Substrate/support conditioning for mechanical exfoliation

♦   Fully automatic operation via touchscreen


♦   2D material patterning

♦  Substrate preparation for mechanical exfoliation

 ♦  Defect engineering

About Moorfield

Since 1989, Moorfield has specialized itself in vacuum deposition equipment (PVD/CVD) for pilot-scale industrial production and high-end educational institutions. Their system designs involve extensive modularity which results in flexible solutions. The product range, which consists of different functionalities, is sized for deposition of metals, inorganics and organics.


Why Moorfield?

♦   Excellence in vacuum technology since 1989

♦   Laboratory equipment to match your research


♦   Multiple platforms and infinite options