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Groot-Ammers  | June 3, 2019
ST Instruments is delighted to announce continuation of their market-leading position in the field of mechanical testing. Starting June 1st, we will represent the fast growing Silicon Valley based company Rtec Instruments. 

Groot-Ammers  | May 20, 2019
Join us for a workshop on battery research on Wednesday June 12th in Energyville, Genk and learn more about the possibilities of the Bio-Logic battery cycler (BCS-8xx series) in your battery research.

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Groot-Ammers  | April 29, 2019
On 11-13 September 2019, Park Systems organizes the second NanoScientific Forum Europe. This event will be hosted by the University of Bologna, Italy, and creates a great platform for all scientists using Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) to share new ideas in cutting-edge research from a wide range of disciplines. Expect lectures by renowned AFM researchers and instrument workshops on Park Systems AFMs, including basic and advanced measurement techniques.